Office Cleaning

We offer a complete Office Cleaning Service as outlined below. For more information on this please contact us.

Office Cleaning Services in Dublin

General Office Cleaning:

  • Carpets hoovered/washed
  • Tiled/wooden floors washed & dried
  • Cabinets & Presses - surface area cleaned

Desk Area Cleaning - Items cleaned:

  • Computer Screen Cleaned
  • Keyboard cleaned
  • Surface area of desks cleaned
  • Surface are of cabinets cleaned

Other considerations for Office Cleaning:

  • Security is of primary importance to you. All our staff are thoroughly checked and wear personal ID badges at all times.
  • Providing a pleasant working environment for your staff is ensured as we clean toilets every day, dust every work space every day, vacuum every day, and clean kitchens every day.
  • Hygiene and detailed cleaning helps ensure the health and well being of your staff.